For home appliances we use corrugated boxes, Paper boxes, sometimes referred to as cartons, are made of corrugated paper or glued into a box, often used for packaging the items that are easy to transport. The entire home appliances box is made by following the best industry standards. We manufacture the home appliances box not only in limited size and shape instead we bring forth the diverse variety of home appliance boxes that will suit for all the products related to the home appliances. These home appliance boxes will fit in with all the home appliances that are available in the market. We also make our team updated with the recent trends in the market and we indulge those to make the packaging boxes. Our packaging includes some of the home appliances like mixi, wet grinders, and stoves and many other important home appliances that are to be transported carefully.


We specially design the boxes in many varieties as single wall, double wall, triple wall, etc. we almost make any design and colour but usually we’ll go with the single wall and the double wall structures. Corrugated cardboard is made of corrugated base paper, core paper and cardboard paper, etc. fluting, adhesive, drying, slitting cutting, printing, indentation score, slotting, nailing stitching or a paper packaging container made by a multi-step process such as joint stitching.

In the production of corrugated boxes, low-weight paper is generally used as the core paper, and high-weight paper is used as the face paper or the back paper. You can also increase the presence of your brand by sourcing the printed and the multi coloured duplex mono cartons and the corrugated boxes. The main direction of future development is low-weight, high-strength, lightweight corrugated box products.

Composite board

Corrugated composite board is a new type of material that is emerging after the introduction of honeycomb paperboard by the United States and Europe. It is a new material that saves resources, protects the ecological environment and is relatively low in cost. It is a new generation of highquality intellectual property rights in China from the entire automatic production line equipment to finished products. We aim in making the technological achievements. The finished product is light in weight, high in strength, non-deformation, good in rigidity, strong in cushioning performance, good in sound insulation and heat insulation effect, and can be flame-retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof, and has lower requirements on raw materials than honeycomb paperboard, and can be recycled. Paper and old corrugated boxes are used to produce raw materials, so the raw materials are widely available. After the finished product is used, it can be recycled and rebuilt, which meets the environmental protection requirements of resource recycling and has a wide application prospect. Corrugated paper composite panels can be made into various precision instruments, electromechanical equipment, household appliances, ceramic packaging boxes, liners, etc., can also be made into various specifications of trays, cushioning liners, aviation turnover boxes; use of corrugated paper in building materials The composite board can be made into a lightweight partition wall, a sound insulation board, a heat insulation board, furniture, and a disposable beach table, and can also be used to make a disposable cremation sanitary aseptic paper basket.

  • Good cushioning performance
  • Light and firm
  • Small size
  • Adequate raw materials and low cost
  • Easy to automate production
  • The cost of packaging operations is low
  • Can pack a variety of items
  • Less metal usage
  • Printing performance is good
  • Recyclable reuse

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